About Us:

We, the Republican Executive Committee (REC), are the official voice of the Santa Rosa County, Florida Republican Party, the “GOP” (“Grand Old Party”).
We are a part of the Republican Party of Florida (“RPOF”).

We are the political party of President Abraham Lincoln;
the Party that ended slavery in the USA;
the Party that ended segregation.
We are the Party that cherishes and conserves our Constitution: the unique document containing the principles which created the United States of America and allowed it to grow into the land that serves as a beacon of liberty and justice to the world. No other document has done this. Our Constitution need not mirror any other Nation’s.

YOU can become a Member of the REC, that is, become a Precinctman or Precinctwoman (there are both for every Precinct in Santa Rosa County, and two more for each additional 1,000 precinct residents). As a Precinct-woman or -man you may guide the path of the Republican Party by leading and voting on all Republican Party matters that come before the REC.

To become a Member,
— you must have been a registered Republican for 1 year, and
— reside in your precinct, and
— attend 2 consecutive Republican Party Executive Committee meetings, and
— complete a REC form requesting recognition as a Member, and
— swear an oath to the Party not to publicly support candidates of other parties in your capacity as a member.
To remain a Member–since we highly value your regular voice and input–you may not miss more than two consecutive meetings without an emailed request for an excused absence with the reason to the Secretary, nor more than four in a calendar year.

Until you are a Member of the REC, all registered Republicans are welcome to attend the REC meetings as a non-voting guest.


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